USF Emergency Medicine Residency

About the Program

The CEO of Tampa General Hospital approached our group of experienced clinicians in August, 2001 to request that we create a residency program in Emergency Medicine. This proposal was warmly welcomed by our attending physicians, our parent group (TeamHealth), and the University of South Florida. Drawing upon his prior experience as a residency director, Dr. O'Keefe was able to rapidly create an excellent program, complete the PIF, and submit the application to the Residency Review Committee by November of 2001. The program received approval on the first submission, September 16, 2002. Our first residents started in July, 2003 and we graduated the first class in June of 2006.

Our program received full accreditation with our next site survey, and we remain a very stable program, attracting more than 100 applicants per available training position each year. We expanded to 8 residents per year with our incoming class in 2007, and plan to apply for further expansion to 10 residents annually. We are excited about the opening of our brand-new, state-of-the-art Emergency Department in November of 2007, which we anticipate will further increase our clinical volume while maintaining a very high acuity level. Our program is designed to foster both clinical and academic excellence, and takes full advantage of all that the patient population at Tampa General Hospital has to offer.

Further strengths of our program include superior medical simulation opportunities, a rigorous exposure to training in emergency ultrasound, development of leadership skills, and a focus on the development of administrative skills with full attention to the business aspects of emergency medicine. The University of South Florida Emergency Medicine Residency has been designed to give each resident physician all of the skills that they will need to successfully practice our specialty in any setting that they choose.

Our Mission Statement

To provide each resident with the knowledge base, clinical experience, and value set to successfully complete the training program, to pass the board examination, to provide compassionate, high quality patient care, and to positively impact the development and direction of emergency medicine.


Our Vision

We envision a residency that will allow each physician in training to reach the full height of their potential; that will ensure that all patients are always cared for in an excellent manner within an ever-changing medical system, and that will lay the foundation for continued growth and learning throughout the physician's career.